Busy Bee Health Hack 26

💕✨Hello angels,

todays busy bee health hack 2️⃣6️⃣ is on how to feel fuller for longer⤵️

➡️To keep us satisfied throughout our busy days..

➡️So the #top foods I recommend you eating to keep full and #satisfied are⤵️

➡️Vegetables – lettuce, cabbage & broccoli are great – (carbohydrates)

➡️Rice, oats, potatoes & pasta -(carbohydrates)

➡️Cheese – (fats and protein)

➡️Salmon – (fats and protein)

➡️Apples – (carbohydrates)

➡️Avocados – (healthy fats)

➡️Beans, Chickpeas & Lentils – (protein and carbohydrates)

➡️Dark Chocolate – (fats)

➡️Eggs – (protein and fats)

➡️Water -(empty/liquid, no calories)

➡️Greek yogurt – (carbohydrates sometimes protein and fats depending on brand)

➡️Almonds and nuts – (fats/healthy fats)

➡️I have commented next to each food which is the main macronutrient in each food that is working to keep you full.

➡️So you learn you need a mix of all main macronutrients. 🙋🏼‍♀️Please don’t be alarmed by the word fat doesn’t make you FAT you need it in your diet it’s essential.. I will do another post on this soon✨

💃🏼Some vary in the way they are released in the body some foods can work in being slow releasing energy which helps keep you full for longer etc but I will do another post on slow releasing energy foods as these two topics cross over.

😍Hope this helps when it comes to making some snacks and your meals throughout your busy schedule..

🤗Happy #Sunday, Much Love J 💛

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