Thank you Barney.. (Another White Feather Incident..)

Hello angels, today’s blog post is on white feathers..

Now for those people that know me well, know I adore white feathers I see comfort in them, I see warning in them and each time I see one I can relate it to some one special in my life that is no longer with us/who has passed. I have a feather tattooed on me and every time I see one it affects me.

In order for it to affect me it must mean something, the white feather would be alone on its own not surrounded by loads of other feathers/white feathers. It would be on something or by something /someone/ relating to the person that had passed.

I haven’t seen any white feathers in a while not since I took a walk a while ago around 7 months ago it was the start of the year I remember it being a cold January day. My boyfriends grandad had just passed I went for a walk by myself and saw one. At the very moment I saw it I was thinking of G dog (Joes Grandad Jim) and I immediately felt comfort. I mentioned it briefly to Joe saying I think G Dog was with me today and it was lovely.

Times previously to this I have felt support from Louise my mums best friend that has passed who warned me about a incident on holiday and Barney who has left feathers before when I’ve been thinking about him and my father running together.

Today’s post also relates back to Barney. His name was Mike Barnsdale but for some reason all of his mates called him Barney he was a runner also like my dad and a great one. He was very close to my dad and passed around 5 years ago to cancer. He has a memorial race 5k event, every August which I take part in and run for him as part of his club Nene Valley Harriers.

This year however some of you may already know I have been diagnosed with a heart condition and can not run. This for me is tough as I love to run for myself and my dad since his accident.

Yesterday evening I was invited on Facebook to take part in Barney’s memorial race yet again. Thinking nothing to it I mentioned it to my parents who of course said no not this year due to my heart and not knowing enough answers yet. I had to agree with them. They are right which led me to think about running and Barney and his race all evening.

When I woke up this morning I was the first one down my stairs as normal to take my puppy out for a wee at the bottom of the stairs baring in mind it’s not close to any doors that go outside a small feather was there in plain sight surround by nothing.

I immediately thought of Barney I felt comfort and felt like he was telling me ‘it’s ok don’t worry I understand you can’t run and take part this time but thank you’

This has made me feel so much better. I find so much happiness and comfort. Does anyone else believe in this or have their own beliefs around this? Let me know below

Happy Saturday!

Much Love J x

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