Busy Bee Health Hack 25

🦄 👼 Hey Busy Bee’s Health Hack 2️⃣5️⃣ is about braving the gym, for maybe the first, or second time and how to overcome that initial fear, or how to address those nerves and the scary gym when you are in there.

💕I will be making this into two posts see Hack 24 for the first lot..

👏🏻So my second lot of top tips are –

➡️Meet a PT so you’re not alone at first visit and they can show you the gym how to use everything workouts to do and maybe do a session with you each week so you don’t lose your way.

➡️If you really hate being seen, if you really get anxious about all the people, maybe fine an unpopular gym? Something not so amazing but you can start of at, if you need to this also mean it’s not so busy and maybe cheaper.

➡️You could always not even attend a gym first time – don’t attend a gym and find a local 1;1 PT who have their own studio or come to your house instead before you start the gym, so you don’t have to brave it until you know you can and feel confident enough so.

➡️Take music and your headphones so you in your own space and mind. Listen to what you like and shut everyone else out.➡️Start in your comfort zone start with the things you know you like and can do, and then venture out a few days//weeks in when you know the gym and the people and your way round.

➡️Where clothes you are comfortable in, where your hair so it’s comfortable, I would not recommend wearing makeup but if you do get self-conscious and are so nervous where make up to help your self-esteem in the gym..

➡️Take your phone and a water bottle when you feel like you’re getting anxious or nervous take a break, keep calm and restart when you’re ready.

🙏🏻I will do another post in the future on how to venture into the weight area and to not be nervous of this part of the gym.

👏🏻for now try what you can and let me know what works.

🤗 comment any other tips below that help you and can help others.

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