Busy Bee Health Hack 24

🦄 👼 Hey Busy Bee’s Health Hack 2️⃣4️⃣ is about braving the gym, for maybe the first, or second time and how to overcome that initial fear, or how to address those nerves and the scary gym when you are in there.

💕I will be making this into two posts as I have many tips to help you busy bee angels on this topic 🤗

👏🏻So my first lot of top tips are –

➡️Look around your local area or a far for gym – you can choose a local one to help you feel like you are not going to far away from home or look at a gym that’s quite far so you venture out away from your town and people you know so you are isolated sometimes this helps people.

➡️View the gym you like online, see what it looks like, who works there what can it offer you.

➡️Next send them a message online of your interest and express you are nervous, the people their should want to help you and welcome you.

➡️Then book an induction, so you can meet the people there and view the gym before you train. You can then picture yourself there and know what to expect when you next go.

➡️Take a friend with you. Someone who is also nervous and in the same boat, or take someone who knows the gym well and can actually show you some things.

➡️Plan a specific time when you want to go,so you can plan in your head when you are going and also plan it so it is not around rush hour and make sure the gym is not so busy, you will then not feel so flustered or intimidated.

➡️Write a workout out that you will do when you enter the gym, so you know exactly where to go, what to try so you do not panic an you do not get so lost and all over with it.

🙏🏻Stay tuned for the next post on this topic coming very soon.. hope this helps much love angels 🙋🏼‍♀️👏🏻👼🐝

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