Day 6

👌🏻🤙🏼💕- Day 6️⃣ of #TruthBomb #Deck

➡️so Happy Saturday angels!

➡️this morning I wanted to try a card as it been a hard week, I have pushed through.

➡️See Day 1 of the #TruthBomb cards to see WHY I have these on my timeline.

➡️so day 6 is ‘it’s all about why’ – this made me think, this made me sit back and ask WHY about all aspects of my life.

➡️why worry about that

➡️why should I do that

➡️why should I say that

🙋🏼‍♀️It made me analyse the way I think.. each time I did something I would say WHY am I doing this, is this right for me and no one else.. and I doing this for me or someone else. I think with this quote it just made me think more outside of the box rather than me doing and assuming that’s what I want, need and desire.

➡️I ask myself why. Try it!👍🏻

Think why are you saying that, why are you worried about that? Address, analyse and you may find the answer and help your actually looking for. Some times you may find you doing stuff for the wrong reasons.

➡️So as always I plan to listen to great advice and take action where needed and from now on more of my own advice..

➡️I plan to continue to ask myself WHY in situations to figure out WHY I do things a certain way and is that the right way for my thoughts and emotions.

➡️I plan to have an answer for everything, if not maybe I need to change my direction of path. I plan to always answer my ‘WHY’s’

➡️So WHY are you reading this? WHY did you read this far down? – maybe your just strolling through Instagram or maybe you needed to read this far down as maybe you need to think WHY your doing certain things, acting or saying things in a certain way.. ask yourself WHY.

➡️I’m making this into a weekly thing to help us all feel #GOOD and realise what is important.

➡️I am important and YOU are important – WHY cause we damn well are we are one of 7 billion and being you is your super power, no one else can be you.

➡️Happy #Saturday angels hope everyone is feeling happy, #positive and healthy.

➡️Much Love J 💛 #like #love #fitness #mentalhealth #why #super #power #mentalhealthawareness #influencer #helping #motivation #life #blog #youtube #adore #heartcondition #danniellelaporte #low #sad #anxiety

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