To You.. To Us…

Hey angels today’s blog post is a little heavy but it has to be addressed. Not everyone is ‘ok’ .. a lot of people are not ‘ok’ and do you know what.. that is OK!

I haven’t been myself lately.

I’m working on it.

I’m fabulous I know that, I’m loved and I know that, I know I am strong and I can overcome these things, so I will!

Not everyday is a good day. You have to have the highs and the lows otherwise you would be dead.. relating to my heart tattoo your heart beat goes up and down and so does life otherwise no heartbeat meaning no life (see picture of my tattoo below) – this means so much you are going to have problems and issues you are going to fight through them. And with every hurdle and every climb another lesson is learnt to take on and to carry with you on your next adventure.

Since being diagnosed my head has been all over and many things have happened since which has been a manic domino affect in my mind, a spiral of madness.

But I know things can get better I am strong and I am a fighter. And so are you. Whatever you are going through this is part of your life, not your life. It does not define you it has just been part of you.

I’m doing a quote challenge over on my Instagram and I suggest you check it out, it’s their to help those who need a little pick me up every now and then, it’s there to spur you on and I hope it does. It’s @jaydynerunfit follow me and I will follow back.

Much Love my angels, happy Wednesday and smash your week love you all 💕

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