Saturday Style..

So this morning in my eyes was so beautiful and stress free..

As many of you may know as I like to blog my journey I’ve been pretty low. With so much going on this year it has been hard to cope with so basically I haven’t planned very much in my diary.

I’ve kept my weeks as normal – busy. And kept some of my evenings and weekends pretty free so I can start taking time for myself and become more relaxed. This weekend I started with having nothing planned as today has gone on I have gathered plans for tonight and tomorrow and that’s cool, as these plans do not stress me out, and I can continue to slowly get round to it.

So basically I wanted to blog today to write down the 5 top things I did to start a relaxing weekend.

1. Firstly I woke up this morning to my boyfriend and my puppy, I woke up to the birds singing, waterfall going and sun creeping in. I woke up in my own time to no alarm clock just my body clock. So 1 no alarms.

2. Next my sister asked my boyfriend and I if we wanted pancakes for breakfast this meant my breakfast was cooked for me and I spent it chatting and chilling slowly with my family. So number 2 is having a morning chat and breakfast with your family as it is actually so special.

3. I then listened to music while doing my ‘to do list’. We all have a list of things we need to do and that is fine. Mine on a weekend is house work. I have to clean everything. I either do this on a Saturday or a Sunday. I do it when I’m least busy. As we plan to go on a picnic tomorrow I started my housework today. But before I did I grabbed my coffee, made a wonderful playlist and sang while I did my jobs this made it stress free but very successful as all my jobs are now done so I can relax some more. So number 3 do your priorities but make them fun.

4. After that I prepped for our family picnic tomorrow this meant, cooking, cutting, mixing and prepping food. This would usually stress me out however my sister and mum assisted me and we chatted rubbish as we did it. Of course Ella helped too. I wanted to do this to help my family and get excited for tomorrow. So number 4 help others become less stressed by helping them out and only do it if you want to.

5. Then my boyfriend messaged me asking to go to the cinema I had mentioned this morning, seeing incredibles 2 (I adored the first one) he text saying what time the cinema would be. So then I have now decided to slowly get ready, listen to music and do my make-up, catch up on my YouTube and write this blog post. Then I will be relaxed and ready to go. So number 5 get those people around you that understand you to text you in advance so you have plenty of time to prepare yourself and not get stressed out.

I wish every day could be like this or start like this. I hope to have more days like this as of next week when my 6 week summer holidays starts.

I plan to be stress free, happy and get in tune with myself and what I need.

What do you angels do to be stress free? How do your days start? How are your weekends? And what are your plans?

Just a quick one from me. Much Love J x

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