Busy Bee – Health Hack 21

🤷🏼‍♀️🤔- Busy Bee 🐝 Health Hack 2️⃣1️⃣ – don’t be too hard on yourself!! ❗️

➡️so you are beating yourself up about your diet, your beating yourself up over not making it to the gym?!

➡️this maybe do more harm than you realise. ➡️don’t be too hard on yourself – you maybe over doing it!

➡️just keep balance in mind.

➡️just think consistency is key.

➡️aim for goals that’s are manageable and achievable.

➡️think like this; over the course of the day have I do over all well, think this about the entire week also.

➡️everyone has good and bad days.

➡️no one is perfect.

➡️stressing can actually cause weight gain.

➡️take small steps to help keep the lifestyle maintainable.

➡️being harsh on yourself can affect your emotions, you can become sad, angry even depressed this can then lead onto affecting relationships and friendships.

➡️worrying and being stressed about it all can put strain on your heart.

➡️It can then weaken your immune system, meaning you can catch more illnesses and not get back to your healthy life.

➡️so slow down, think about each day and each meal as it comes.

➡️write it down – get a journal to help collect your thoughts and feeling, your exercise and meals. ➡️learn to avoid procrastination – it’s usually that you are spending more time thinking about something that actually doing.

➡️learn to say NO to things be selfish to help yourself.

➡️take yoga, mindfulness or meditation.

➡️don’t look at other people’s lives what they do regarding health and fitness you are you no one else.

➡️breathe – no one is perfect.

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