Busy Bee – Health Hack 20

🤗👏🏻- hey busy bee angels, today’s Health Hack 2️⃣0️⃣is DELETE #social #media❌

There are so many health benefits to deleting social media..

➡️so many people on the social media have hyped & mentioned this before the benefits of deleting social media for mental health reasons.

➡️But today in going to talk about the benefits of deleting it regarding your health and fitness and how it can impact this side of things also.📣 ➡️you’re not surrounded by unrealistic images if your fitness goal. 🤳🏻

➡️you’re not surrounded by silly myths and false information.⚠️

➡️you’re not surrounded by celebrities selling rubbish.😒

➡️you’re not surrounded by photoshopped and edited photos.💆🏼‍♀️

➡️your not surrounded by negative connotations regarding body #image and size. 💪🏻

➡️you are not surrounded by silly/made up in impacting workouts. 👊🏻

➡️you’re not surrounded by people who have extreme amounts of money to make their health/bodies seem better. 💵

➡️you become more in tune with realistic #body images. 🧒

➡️you become more connected with real people rather than those online. 👯‍♀️

➡️you become aware of real health hacks and benefits rather than those advertised online.👀

➡️you avoid procrastination and playing on your phone meaning you can get more done in your day such as exercising.👍🏻

➡️you are then not subjected to false advertising/false images and unrealistic expectations that hinder your health and fitness.🤗

➡️I plan at some point this year to do a social media detox. I plan to take a week or two off. I plan to keep my phone away from me and note down the differences. I’m actually quite excited too.

💓Who has done this before?

💓How did you find it?

💓Do you plan to try it? Much Love angels J 💛#like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer #helping #tips #busybees #tricks #motivation #fitfam #life #blogger #youtube #girls #work #hard #grind #sunday #workinghard #blogging #hacks

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