Busy Bee – Health Hack 17

💞💚🙌🏻- hello angels #busy bee #health #hack 1️⃣7️⃣here for you and that’s ‘make what time you do have to work out – make that time🔥#EFFECTIVE!🔥 – so if you only have time for one workout make it a good one! WHY & HOW? ⤵️

➡️Limit your #workouts time so you don’t overdo it and drain yourself.

➡️Mix each time you go to the gym from #weights to cardio to high-intensity #workouts so you feel the benefits from both and enjoy a mix.

➡️Outside of the gym #fuel yourself the right way and eat the right things with all #macronutrients protein, carbs, fat and drink plenty of water. So you can keep healthy and have the fuel for the gym.

➡️To help your gym time maybe think about eating/taking high #protein products such as bars, meat, shakes, and fish add these to your diet and maybe add in some #amino acids, supplements, or vitamins that you as an individual need, before or after workout.

➡️Look at doing different set/rep ranges, look at sets till #failure as well as specific sets/reps.

➡️Workout through a range of weights that are light and heavy for you, mix it up.

➡️Work on #compound exercises so lots of your muscles are working together as they do in the real world, rather than alone #isolation exercises.

➡️Do some exercises, stood & some sat so other body parts are involved this is balance lifting.

➡️Pick a cardio exercise you #enjoy! Such as running, circuits walking, swimming, biking, hiking, rowing, stairmaster, etc then you are less likely to get bored, also switch it up.

➡️Mix it up, workouts, #exercises and #cardio mix it all up, which leads into another point of making it fun and also designing your own workout – so you never get #bored, you do things you really want to do, not what you see others doing.

➡️Good #form this is very important to your #training for health and safety and #progress ask a professional for help

➡️Get a #personaltrainer, they can take the #stress and worry away.

➡️Sleep a lot away from the #gym you need to recover well to make progress and make that gym time effective as #muscles #grow and #repair when you sleep.

Hope this helps you #understand that even a small #workout can help loads 🤳🏻Much Love angels, J 💚

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