Busy Bee – Health Hack 16

💓💭 hello angels, health hack 1️⃣6️⃣ today is all about the DRINKS and the FLUIDS, the liquids you are taking in.. – just have a think about the drinks you take in over the course of the day 🤳🏻🙈

Maybe this needs to change?⤵️

Why change your drinks to low calorie or healthier options⤵️

➡️save money as there is now a sugar tax!

➡️save extra unnecessary calories.

➡️lots of drinks have added sugar meaning added calories which this can maybe what is stopping your weight loss.

➡️the extra fluid calories all add up, it maybe adding adirional sgar to your diet which is being stored.

➡️no micronutrients – no additional health/micros being added into your diet.

➡️they maybe causing a sugar spike and drop.

➡️they maybe affective your water levels.

➡️they maybe causing headaches.

➡️does the drink provide you with health benefits, comfort or just a good taste?

➡️how would you be if you cut that drink out, what would change?

➡️do you need to try this challenge? 🔥 if so let me know below. Let me know what your drinking.. do you really need it? Most likely NO.. 🙌🏻💃🏼 much love angels ⭐️💖 #like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer #helping #tips #busybees #tricks #motivation #fitfam #life #blogger #youtube #adore #girls #work #hard #grind #monday #motivation #workinghard #blogging #hacks

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