Busy Bee – Health Hack 16

💘🤳🏻😊hello angels hack 1️⃣6️⃣ is all about meal timings 📅⌚️ I just eat when I know I should & when I want to eat.. ➡️when you eat your food is fine it doesn’t matter what time of day you eat your food & everyone is different so you do what works for you but it’s good to trial different ways to know when to eat for you as an individual ⤵️so think about the time you wake up, do you want/need breakfast or can you wait till your hungry, do you need that snack, time to have a filling lunch and dinner⤵️

➡️Does it work for you or are you rushing your food, or are you not eating enough or are you not eating when you need too.. are you really hungry when you eat or are you just eating? Things to think about as I run through my pointers today💭

➡️Listen to your body. EAT when you are hungry, drink when you are thirsty, eat when you know you will need the energy

➡️Drink more to help keep you full between meals. ➡️Diet is a challenge, I need you to know one thing. STOP starving yourself & eat NUTRIENT rich food

➡️Most people eat 2-3 big meals per day. They go six, seven, sometimes, eight hours without food.

➡️When you don’t eat for a while your blood sugar really drops and then when you eat after six, seven hours your blood sugar spikes

➡️When your blood sugar spikes that causes there to be excess insulin in your blood. When there is excess insulin in your blood your body stores fat more easily, this can also make you feel light-headed and unwell and doesn’t work for many people

➡️Eat portion controlled, balanced meals every so often through the day, when you feel hungry, when you know you may need it (pre-workout/post workout)

➡️By eating this way, you’ll effortlessly speed up your metabolism also, you will give yourself constant energy and work to the best you can

➡️Think of it like this.. if you have a campfire burning and you don’t add wood to the fire, eventually the campfire will burn out!

➡️When you work out, when you need to eat/want to eat, you can become accountable, you can be #consistent with this too, & a routine of meals, and meal times can occur💓I hope these little #pointers help you busy bees on this #Thursday afternoon. Much Love J💛🙌🏻 #like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer

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