Cheeky Chest Update.. (I have a heart condition!)

Hello angels now if your not up to date with my cheeky chest blog posts I suggest reading that or checking out my cheeky chest YouTube video to get you up to speed with where I’m at with my condition then continue reading below.. we have an update.

Now some of you may already know but I know a lot of my life is on social media and some of my friends in the blogging world do care so I thought it’s best to make a post and keep everyone updated I will also do a YouTube Video soon along side this when I feel ready to get back to recording!

So Tuesday I was due some more tests just continuing the normal investigation that has been going on for 10 years after seeing so many doctors and consultants it’s gone from being hormonal, growing, muscle and skeletal issue – my frame being to small to my hearts to big, and more one thing after the other. This week they found it. They realised. They finally found the result.

I have a heart condition name bicuspid aortic valve I don’t know enough about it to do a full blog post on it yet so I won’t. I want to have a clear mind myself and give you guys the right information. But it’s to do with me having one less whole/valve in my aorta than the normal heart.

(This site gives more information

It was one hell of a shock I’m just trying to come to terms with the fact I actually have this. My family of course are upset and angry but we are such a strong unit I know I will be ok.

They plan to put me under my own cardiologist for life and monitor me. Once I see him soon I will have more answers to what I do now, how this changes my life, what can I do to help it or change it etc. Whether I need medication, or surgery etc.

I have such wonderful support and I’ve joined a Bicuspid Aortic Valve group/forum and the people on there have been fab so far. I get a lot of support online and through the blogging world so I wanted to share.

I will keep all you angels posted. For now I want to enjoy my weekend at FramFest and think about this later, also I want to relax and sleep and now I know why I’m always tired, I have an excuse to sleep all weekend.

Hope you guys have a good one. Thanks for reading..

Much Love J x

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