Busy Bee Health Hack 1️⃣1️⃣

👍🏻✨🐝 Hack 1️⃣1️⃣ coming at you is grab yourself a TIMER!🔔📅⏱

So why do I need a timer you ask.. ⤵️

You can get a TIMER

➡️timer of Google you just need to type timer in and you can set it yourself.

➡️most mobile phones have timers so head over to your clock or settings and check it out.

➡️or download an app. I have an app called RemindMeX and it has a timer on there as well as a reminder section. 💘- why do I need this now I have it? ⤵️

➡️to alert you of your fitness habitats such as ⤵️

➡️to alert yourself to stand up every hour, blood flow and posture.

➡️to alert you to walk round after an hour to help calories, steps, heart rate and blood flow.

➡️to alert you to drink or sip your water to help hydration.

➡️to alert you to take a deep breath to help your stress levels.


➡️you never forget.

➡️you keep on track with targets.

➡️it keeps your health and fitness hacks up to date and easier to maintain.

➡️you keep to those mini goals.

➡️you don’t have to remember yourself the timer/reminder. does it so you don’t stress.

➡️helps manage goals.

➡️likely to achieve more and get more done.

➡️less effort, easy to continue and do.

➡️no catching up to do, more focus where it matters and no catching up on steps or water late on in the day.

I use a timer and reminders all day for all sorts of aims and ‘to do’s’ I need to get done. I get far more done with it that I would without it. Try it out and let me know busy bees 🐝👍🏻💥 #like #likes #love #fitness #health #PT #Nutritionist #Influencer #helping #tips #busybees #tricks #motivation #fitfam #life #blogger #youtube #adore #girls #work #hard #grind #speech #freedom #monday #workinghard #blogging #hacks

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