Busy Bee Health Hack 🔟

✨💥Busy bee health hack🔟 🐝- today’s hack is about CHOICE with ACTIVITIES I’m going to help you busy bees choose your activities wisely when your NOT at work and NOT being that busy bee. I get it most of you don’t want to then spend the free time you do have at the gym, this can feel like your still working hard and still being busy and I get that – so lets decide on some activities that help keep you fit and healthy while keeping your free time fun!

Things to think about ⤵️

➡️do you have weekends free?

➡️do you have a few spare hours in the morning before work, in the evening after work?

So now let’s talk about the activity choices you could possible choose to do in this time ⤵️

➡️ do you have a 24 hour gym you could pop to?
➡️do you have local parks near you to walks around?
➡️do you have land to climb little hills on close by?

➡️do you have quiet back roads you could take an evening stroll on?

➡️do you have a local marsh you can pop down to and walk in the fresh air?

➡️shopping – this is all walking, climbing stairs, carrying bags.. we can all shop can’t we? It’s great cardio.
➡️races – get friends together and enter a race.. just a charity run, this means training and the race itself this can be event which is social and keeping you fit.

➡️bike ride – couples or family bike rides to a destination and home again too?

➡️walk to a friends house or to the pub,don’t take the car.

➡️visit a museum spend the day walking round it on your feet.

➡️old houses etc such as #beltonhouse walk round and take in the history.

➡️theme park – always on your feet, always standing and walking and waiting.

➡️bounce trampoline park – obviously always bouncing, keeping that heart rate up in a fun and exciting way.

➡️even just visiting a city means you walk all day to see the sites, certain holidays like city breaks you find you walk more than you do relax for a holiday. ➡️an of course dog walks

➡️there are so many activities but I hope this gives you an idea on what to choose when you do have the weekend off! Enjoy your time off! Much Love Busy Bees 🐝 ❣

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