Busy Bee Health Hack 8️⃣

Hey angels here is another..

💗✅🤫 HEY busy bee’s 🐝➡️ today I will be talking about the benefits of drinking green tea! 🍵

We have talked about drinking water and adding this into your daily life but we all love a hot drink so here are the benefits.. We all have time for a coffee at the desk or a tea break during the day so lets start with green tea.. 🤙🏻

➡️ green tea helps clear up your skin.

➡️green tea has been shown to help decrease bloating.

➡️green tea has been show to help weight loss.

➡️green tea has been shown to help detox the body. ➡️green tea has be shown to help the metabolism

➡️green tea has been shown to help and aid digestion.

➡️green tea has 0 calories.

➡️green tea apparently helps regulate glucose levels slowing the rise of blood sugar after eating.

➡️green tea reduces bad cholesterol in the blood

➡️green tea helps brain function.

➡️green tea helps reduce illness as it has been known to kill bacteria.

➡️green tea can come in many flavours too.

Now I’ve know not many people get a like for green tea, the way to go is don’t give up, keep going with it try a new flavour and keep going, you will then start to get a liking to it and it may even replace some of your other hot drink choice. Hope this helps angel 🤗💃🏼Happy Thursday✨🙋🏼‍♀️

Much Love J


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