Busy Bee Health Hack 7️⃣

🐝🤙🏻🚶🏼‍♀️ – Hey busy bee’s todays number 7️⃣ post is on STRESS. Stress can cause mental and physical problems if you are stressed it can lead to weight gain, emotional eating missing the gym etc which results in healthy lifestyle changes not happening 😞 basically we need to be as STRESS FREE as possible! 🤸🏼‍♀️

Why is stress bad for your health/fitness ?⬇️

➡️Promotes disease; early onset of certain diseases so causing illness.

➡️Affects emotions, you can become sad, angry even depressed this can then lead onto affecting relationships and friendships.

➡️Damages and put strain on your heart.

➡️Can actually damage your teeth and gums.

➡️Can cause weight gain.

➡️Make you look older, more tired and frail.

➡️It can weaken your immune system, meaning you can catch more illnesses.

➡️Increased blood pressure leading to other issues

➡️Can cause disabilities such as #Fibromyalgia ☑️

What can we do to be less stressed?

➡️Exercise – of course exercise is one of the most important things you can do to combat stress.

➡️Consider supplements – that will help you as an individual. Everyone will need different supplements – take note of this.

➡️Light a candle – flames and certain scents can be very relaxing.

➡️Reduce your caffeine intake.

➡️Write it down – get a journal to help collect your thoughts and feeling.

➡️Chew this helps reduce anxiousness.

➡️Spend time with friends & family, loved ones can help ease the stress

➡️Laugh more it really is the best medicine.

➡️ Learn to avoid procrastination – do things rather than over thing – and definitely don’t use social media to help you ‘feel better’ it usually hinders.

➡️Talk – be open about worries and your stresses to those close to you.

➡️Learn to say NO to things be selfish to help yourself.

➡️Take yoga

➡️Try mindfulness


➡️Cuddles – releases endorphins


➡️Be alone in your own space, collect your own thoughts.


➡️Sunbathe – lay down & catch vitamin D.

➡️Breathe – breathing exercises & relaxing strategies.

➡️Pets – pets can release endorphins & make you happy. Hope this helps some of you stressed busy bee’s much love J 💗✨❤️✅

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