Busy Bee Health Hack 6

Evening angels.. time for another!

🐝🤙🏻🙋🏼‍♀️Busy Bee Hack 6️⃣ – STANDING UP AT YOUR DESK😎 ok angels this next hack is for those in a seated, stationary, sedentary busy job!! ✨It is get a STANDING DESK! What is a standing desk? It’s a desk that allows you to stand comfortably while working. 🧐Who needs one? – anyone and everyone, anyone that is sat for long periods of time, anyone that forgets the time and is sat away for hours.. Many people such as accountants, lawyers, any admin roles, sometimes even teachers and shop workers are often just sat. 🙈When do you need one? Everyday, you don’t need to stand all the time. You can have a tall seat to to sit down at times but standing up frequently has huge impacts to your health. 💘 Making this change can have a huge impact on you life; if you can try and have this method every day try to have it for as many hours as possible through your working day or week.. How? If you can – make a desk, stand up to teach, move to collect work, stand to photcopy etc. Now for the reason WHY? –

➡️Standing Lowers Your Risk of Weight Gain and Obesity

➡️Using a Standing Desk May Lower Blood Sugar Levels

➡️Standing May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease

➡️Standing Desks Appear to Reduce Back Pain

➡️Standing Desks Help Improve Mood and Energy Levels

➡️Standing Desks May Even Boost Productivity.

➡️Standing with good posture will help your core.

➡️Standing burns more calories than sitting.

➡️You are more likely to move therefore burning more calories.

➡️Standing can help aid digestion.

For an example of a standing desk swipe ➡️ Let me know in the comments below if your going to try this hack or do it already. Much Love Busy Bees 🤗🐝🤙🏻✅

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Much Love J x

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