Busy Bee – Health Hack 3

Hello angels,

🐝 Busy Bee – Health Hack 3️⃣..

following on from hacks 1 and 2 which was walking/steps – how can we track these steps or our movement in general!?

👣🚶🏼‍♀️- WATCH or APP – it all adds up so let’s watch it add up! Get a tracking watch such as a FITBIT or Apple Watch, or an APP off your android or Apple App Store to help keep track of your movement and steps.. 💗So benefits of tracking your steps/activity with a fitness tracker watch or app..

➡️ You can see how many steps you do each hour or day then over the week.

➡️You can then try and beat this daily or weekly and beat targets to help your fitness goal.

➡️It helps goals become clear.

➡️Which leads to great motivation to beat goals.

➡️It can keep you accountable on good and bad days.

➡️Some watches do more than just steps, they can track standing time and breathing patterns helping you in more ways

➡️It can help you progress

➡️Makes stops and tracking easy and addictive. ➡️Helps form healthy habitats

➡️Promotes activity in a sedentary job

➡️Helps daily life and training

👌🏼 – I hope that gives you some more insight, on fitness trackers, let me know if you have something like a FITBIT etc and how you find it?! Much Love angels and Busy Bees 🐝💗 #like #love #life #fitness #hacks #motivation #fitbit #trackers #adore #cool #help #helpful #fitfam #pt #nutritionist #fun #lives #share #tip #busybee #help #tips #tricks #share #sharing

hope this helps angels,

Much Love J x

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