Busy Bee – Health Hack 2

🐝 Busy Bee – Health Hack 2️⃣

👣🚶🏼‍♀️- Using your LUNCH/BREAK wisely – it all adds up!

Basically do you have dinner at your desk? Do you not know what to do on your lunch break, do you wonder around, make some calls, catch up on leftover work. Well let’s start using our lunch breaks to get fitter. 🤔Like I said about walking in my last post, walking and your steps all add up, so again let’s ditch the car, walk to work, and then on your dinner whatever you do where ever you go you have to walk there. 🚶🏼‍♀️

If you work in town walk round the shops or meet a friend in the park just keep on walking. If you don’t like walking, run or cycle, the steps all add up. Do not stay sat at your desk. If you work in a school get out with the students during break and lunch, join in with their games.

So benefits of walking – see last post for those tips.. Also on our dinner hour/ lunch time you could head to the gym if you have a little more time and do a little session.


➡️ short workouts offer plenty of benefits to the body and mind

➡️10-minute HIIT Routines are easy to do and get done quickly

➡️ HIIT – High Intensity Interval Training can be more effective than 45 minutes of less strenuous exertion.

➡️ there are a lot of variations on the short workout, fitting in a few minutes of cardio, then some weights- maybe only one or two exercises per lower body, upper body and abs. Fitting it all within 20 minutes

➡️ one minute of deep breathing & stretching to cool down.

➡️ these short bursts can help combat the toll of sitting all day.

➡️ short workouts can be done and dusted quickly also helping someone’s emotional state

➡️ hitting the gym on your lunch means consistency which is key

➡️ short workouts mean you don’t get too bored and you can repeat often

➡️ short workouts mean hopefully you won’t be too tired and you can repeat again

➡️ short workouts mean you won’t spend all of your dinner hour doing this.

I hope these tips help you for tackling a walk or the gym during your dinner hour helping you become fitter when you have little time.

Much Love Busy Bees 🐝💘

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