Changing the schedule..

Hello gorgeous angels,

Today’s post is going to be short and sweet – basically it’s to let you angels know about my uploads on YouTube and my blog posts.

So as you know I have a very busy life at the moment if you want to know more about that then please check out my ‘busy life’ video on YouTube. It shows what I really do and get up to in my day to day life.

As you will see I have two part time jobs as well as trying to create great content for my blog, YouTube and Instagram. I love doing this and I don’t want to stop but I have come on here to post about reducing the amount for the time being.

So with moving house I now have more to do, with summer creeping in my personal training business has got busier this means my own personal down time has been affected as well as my work load.

I will continue to do what I love that will never change but as of April I will be uploading only two videos a week not three and one blog post not two. So I can keep doing it but not let it consume my life, my work and my down as at the moment I’m struggling to fit in socialising – and I need that too!

So yes as of April I will be making those tiny changes – please let me know if you would want this any different or any ways you can think would help my work load or busy life.. I would appreciate it.

Not only do I want to put content and information out there I want it to be valued content, great informative posts for you to share, learn and help yourself with.

Hope you guys can understand, thank you to all those that follow me and subscribe to me it means the world and supports me so much.

Much Love angels and Happy Sunday 💕

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