Yesterday’s Instagram Post – food is a fuel and a friend..

Hey angels, happy Tuesday!

So I posted a picture on my Instagram @jaydynerunfit yesterday about my Saturday lunch .. see post below..

🙏🏻😍- YES that is 7 roast potatoes AND? (They are my fave😍).. anyone that knows me will know I eat A LOT of food, I get comments on ‘how much’/‘too much’ food I eat, which sparked me an idea for a post. I also get clients who are ‘scared’ of food and this upsets me too.. so angels take note 📝🤸🏼‍♀️- Now to me this meal is amazing full of protein, carbs and fats, and full of micros.. 🥗🍗 I don’t think anything of it.. 😋 I could of easily eaten this again 😜 this was a #TobyCarvey it was piled up and super yummy. This was my Saturday LUNCH, I had already had breakfast and popcorn, and after I had sweets, chocolate🍫, more popcorn 🍿 and evening meal and ice-cream. Now I can EAT some people may not NEED this much nor WANT this much however I know when I am ‘hungry’ and when I’m not, and that is the difference people need to learn, I know what food I need to help heal and help my busy body. 💪🏼👅 Some people would say this is ‘too much’ for a lunch, some would say thing is ‘unhealthy and binging cause your having a meal out’, I would disagree. ☝🏻My busy healthy body and busy healthy mind NEEDS food, I know how much or how little, (well most days😏) it needs it’s meat and vegetables and it’s treats too 🤷🏼‍♀️Food is fuel it is needed and used all day everyday so why create connotations with the beautiful food we are given why add bad images and bad mindsets to a gorgeous Saturday Lunch👀 food is fuel for your busy life and next adventure🤗Food is fuel and a friend too ✨💘

– so basically I had a few comments on my food, how I use my food etc so I’m thinking of doing more posts like these and videos to help others.

– I wanted to ask is this something you guys would like a blog post about or a YouTube video on?

– is this topic interesting, can you relate?

– let me know but I only want to be writing and creating content you guys want to read and enjoy/learn from.

– let me know angels and have a great week.

Much Love J x

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