Fibromyalgia Post..

Hey angels, happy Saturday!

So I posted a picture on my Instagram @jaydynerunfit the other day about my gorgeous mother.. see post below..

🔥✨ Swipe! – My #WCW and my #womencrush everyday my mum what a woman, my idol, my best friend, a bloody trooper.🤷🏼‍♀️My mum suffers with a condition called #fibromyalgia she doesn’t really share, she doesn’t really talk, but I want her too, I want her to feel like she can open up and doesn’t have to be super woman all day everyday even though she is. She is truly amazing. She suffers more some days than others. She is more pain than you can see and than you realise. She hides it, she tries to stop it from hindering but we all know it’s there. She is so beautiful inside and out and she always will be she does so amazingly well and I admire her each and every day, I hope she knows that. 👏🏻🤗💘 #love #like #likes #adore #condition #fibro #mother #pain #swipe #heal #live #life #amazing #trooper #cutie #bestfriend #wow #welldone #achieving

– so basically I had a few messages on her condition I had a few people interested in what it is and how she copes and also how she medicates this.

– I wanted to ask is this something you guys would like a blog post about or a YouTube video on?

– let me know and I can see what me and mother can do. But I only want to be writing and creating content you guys want to read and enjoy/learn from.

– let me know angels and have a great Saturday

Much Love J x

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