Any questions for Dad, a GB Athlete?

Hello angels today’s blog post requires you!

So as some of you maybe aware I did a YouTube video on my dad last week called precious Papa it’s about the fact he nearly died. If you haven’t seen it please head over to my YouTube channel – Jay’s Days.

If you have and you may have some questions then please leave them below – that is why I am here today really..

I ran a poll on my Instagram – @jaydynerun and majority said they wanted my dad to come on the channel and speak from his side, they want his views thoughts and feelings.

Now I have asked him and he has said yes to do this but he would also like some of you to join in and get involved. He would like to know what specifically you want to know about, so hit me up with your questions, any queries you have about now, then, the past, the injuries.

Please be kind and please be aware this is still our lives today.

But we can’t wait to hear your questions and create this content for you.

Thank you angels!

Happy Thursday 💋

Much Love J x

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