Happy Easter – Easter Hacks..

Morning angels,

So it’s Easter weekend the weekend where the partying starts on the Thursday Eve and continues through to Monday.. so I hope we are all ready and all excited.. I’m writing this post to you as I sit munching on my Easter egg I got Toffee Crisp this year from my mummy (yes I know I’m 23)


many of my clients have requested this post but I would just like to point out one thing, Easter, holidays and special occasions like this one are such a special time, a time to spend with family, to create magical memories that last forever, don’t ever let your ‘healthy eating’ or ‘diet’ get in the way of that.

YOU aren’t guaranteed next year, you are not guaranteed tomorrow. And do you really want to remember Easter and other special occasions as that time you missed out on your favourite Easter eggs or hot cross buns, no, so don’t!

Enjoy this time and think about the little tips that add up to help majorly, don’t panic, don’t get worked up or get anxiety it’s all normal, and we must , enjoy life.

So Today’s blog post is about how to stay heathy or as healthy as we can be over the festive/special occasion periods –

  • Don’t use every day as a binge day.
  • Choose food wisely think of your nutrients still!
  • The weeks leading up to Easter or the special occasion of how to be the best you can stick to your diet/regime, and normal routine and don’t stray any other times. Stay on point.
  • Enjoy it , have what you want but don’t binge don’t say no if you do want it, but don’t have fourths if you don’t need them.
  • Do not over indulge when you know you have had enough.
  • Drink lots of water – flush toxins out and alcohol out with water daily.
  • Load up on veggies and protein over the period you stay fuller for longer with these.
  • Choose diet options, such as choose light soda and pop to accompany your alcohol or meal, save on those little calories.
  • Have seconds if you wish but not thirds, hold yourself accountable.
  • Share your food, share your crisps and chocolate etc. so you end up eating less.
  • Focus on one bigger meal a day the rest snacks or small meals helps reduce over eating.
  • Keep moving – keep your daily activities going, keep going for walks, or to the gym and if you don’t already go, go for evening/ day walks with the family etc. to help.
  • Have a healthy breakfast. and then indulge a little bit later on in the day. This keeps you full and satisfied.
  • Sleep, make sure your getting lots of sleep, not staying up and out late every night anyway, or having lots of naps or lie ins. Sleep is important.
  • Eat early, eat early on in the day to avoid binging eating your main meal in the day rather than at night.
  • Be mindful, think about the fact you don’t actually need 5 Easter eggs only 1.
  • Wear clothes you feel good in, if you look good, you feel good, you do good, usually leading to wanting to eat good/well.
  • Keep in mind how you will feel after.. will you feel bloated, sick? Will it make you feel so stuffed and uncomfortable.. plan ahead. Don’t make yourself ill or sick.
  • Eat slow and enjoy every bite. Don’t rush food is a pleasure.

I hope this helps many of you over this time, remember enjoy it Happy Easter

Much Love J x

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