Weird and Wonderful Me – The Things I HATE…

Hey angels, I hope you are all well, today is a get to know me post the weird and wonderful me and the things I HATE!

1. Liquorice – I have always hated this taste even as a child, I now hate Sambuca which reminds me of the exact same EW!

2. Toilet brushes – these make me feel sick I will never own a toilet brush, the idea of sticking it down the floor then storing it in my bathroom makes me feel ill, they are so dirty and hold so many germs I will NEVER own one. Bleach is my best friend.

3. Pastry – I have no idea why… I use to love a Cornish pasty with beans as a child, I was never a major fan of sausage rolls and pie, but now the idea on the fluffy, light texture makes me cringe A LOT.

4. Cold – I hate the cold, a few weeks ago we had no heating I felt in pain, I would rather be so hot I am sweaty than cold, it hurts my head and bones.

5. Sick – I’m always picking up dog poo and guinea pig poop and clearing out my animals but sick ergh ergh ergh I just can’t do it. It makes me then want to be sick!

6. Circles, – ohhhh this is a big one I can’t talk about this for long as it makes me feel sick and dizzy and anxious. But basically I have Triphobia please google is so I don’t have to explain. Thanks. LOL

7. Birds, – they just annoy me I don’t like peacocks which obviously are a bird but seagulls, pigeons they all annoy me and are just after my food which is mine. I don’t share food ever. Haha.

8. Being unorganised/late, – oh gosh I hate this as it panics me! I like to be on time or a little early never late..

9. letting someone down, I make it a priority not to let people down I want people to trust and have faith in me a 100% or I’m not happy within myself.

10. When people would rather see you ful than achieve or those people that would rather talk about you than to you. – so many people talk in this small town say they wish you well and the best me they don’t they would rather see it fail I hate those type of people we must unite and support each other only. I’ve heard people talk and say things about me which are not true but they won’t ask me about it directly this also annoys me!

Let me know down below what you also hate, what really ‘grinds yours gears’ would love to know!

Anyway ok the positive I’ve just had an amazing Sunday roast, I am now having cuddles with my Ella, editing YouTube videos and waiting for my man to come home, hope your weekend has been amazing!

Much Love J x

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