Monday’s Instagram Post – insta vs. reality – gym looks..

Hello angels,

I hope you are all having a lovely day, I sure am, working hard with all my PT clients today..

Thank you for your support on Instagram and YouTube it means a lot.

If you did not see my post on Instagram today, please head over to my Instagram and check it out @jaydynerunfit

Or see below…⚡️💪🏼 #Instagram VS. #Reality – how we think/want to look, VS. how we really look 🤟🏻 – so training is not always pretty, #training in not always attractive your a sweaty mess that is struggling to breathe and that’s ok, thats the way it goes sometimes.. train like a #beast to look like a #beauty I say, working hard inside, leaves you looking great outside🔥 sometimes these show a #good workout – though there are many ways of judging a ‘good’ workout and I will do a blog post on this in the future but the factors of sometimes being sweaty, grunting, red faced, pulling those weird faces, moaning and NOT smiling is actually just part of the game and completely normal.. we sometimes see such #gorgeous women doing such #elegant workouts looking all #flawless and god like.. in MOST cases this is not their #workout but purely and short clip to show you something while they are done up and looking ‘hashtag’ instagram ready! Don’t try to look the girl on Insta, just be YOU; and remember don’t try to look like the girl in the magazine not even the girl in the magazine looks like the girl in the #magazine 💁🏼‍♀️✨💋 #ILOVEME #happy #compare #dont #share #adore #like #likes #blogger #youtube #fitness #fitfam #pt #life #body #confidence #gym #lift #weights

Hope your enjoying these angels..

much love J x

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