World Client Day

Morning angels, hope your well, today is World Clients Day!

Oh what does this mean? Could you be about to make someone’s day or have your day made?

Now if you are like myself and are self-employed and run your own business – where you have wonderful clients… TODAY is the day you appreciate them! (if not every day!)

Client’s Day is the perfect time for you to do something nice for your clients. It doesn’t have to be anything grand—not everyone can afford to spend an enormous amount of time or money on things I know I certainly do not!

But at the same time I want to show my clients I love them and appreciate their custom. And of course it’s the thought that counts.

So my business is a personal training business. I offer 1 to 1 personal training and nutrition advice. I love my clients and I love the time we have working together, and as it is about personal training and eating health/nutrition, on this client appreciation day, im am going to switch it up!

GOODIES are going to be my token of appreciation, so – cakes, chocolate, and sweets will be at their session today to show how much I love them.

IT’s only once right? (which is a healthy lifestyle.)

I might even make some healthy treats for those who are being extra good!

So it’s nothing much but it says a simple thank you. It does not have to cost you too much, but will definitely make a lot of people’s days, they will feel happy and inspired to do more regarding your company.

This kind of personal touch is sure to be remembered for a long time. So what do you plan to do? How can you do world client appreciation day this year?

If you don’t see your clients a text or a phone call has the same impact let them know you care however big or small!

Please let me know what you plan to do in the comments below I would love to hear!

Have a great day anyway!

Much Love J x

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