National Write Your Story Day

Hello angels,

So today is going to be short and sweet. As you know I like to write. I like to share my stories and help you angels. I want to brush over the fact today is national write your story day and no not everyone wants to write blog or share their story and that is totally fine. But a lot of people have amazing stories out there that can be shared to help others.

I’m going to leave this post open to people that want to comment and share below a story of their own, a goal, something that may have happened to them or another and feel it may help someone else.

I’m going to be doing some story time videos on my YouTube channel I have one coming I two weeks time on my fathers story which is already a blog post under ‘previous Papa’ see post.

Just think you are not alone and more than likely your not to only one going through or has gone through something in particular sharing is caring.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Happy Hump Day

Much Love J x

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