Today’s Instagram Picture – ‘Stress’

Hello angels,

I hope you are all having a lovely day, I sure am, shopping, eating lots and having a stress free day with my boo.

Thank you for your support on my recent post though angels, it seems it has made an impact and I’m so pleased.

If you did not see my post on Instagram this morning, please head over to my Instagram and check it out @jaydynerunfit

Or see below…

🧐🙁 – just because I smile, just because I have make-up on, just because I put up a selfie doesn’t mean a thing.. I have OCD I live with this condition everyday. This condition makes me very stressed and anxious, I don’t like to talk about it much but it does affect me, my life and my stress levels! I am planning on doing a video for my YouTube Channel – Jay’s Days in the near future is this something you would like to see? Let me know below. Please take from this picture as a reminder that just because someone posts a picture or looks happy they might also be suffering with something behind closed doors in silence so always be kind. Happy Saturday angels enjoy your day ✨🌈💕🐝 #ILOVEME #jaysday #happy #sad #mentalhealth #ocd #sufferer #share #adore #like #likes #work #working#hard #posts #blogger #youtube #writing #creating #fitness #fitfam #pt #gym #hp #laptop #marble #fans #sassy #classy #stressed #ocd #anxious #life

I will be doing more videos and posts on this to come in the future. To those who are the same. You are not alone. Stay strong.

Much Love J x

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