Sneaker Boys & Fresh Kicks Ep1..

Hey angels, how are we all today?

Today I’m am bringing you something new, something exciting and something that I believe will take over by storm, in a short time – something that you may have seen at a glance but I’m taking you in, I am getting you an inside scoop on the new local business in Boston that has already branched out to Lincoln and has interest from all over!

A business that I believe will do well, and grow to be very successful!

So let’s start with the back ground information I am going to be doing several posts on them and hopeful ones that update you on what they offer and how the business is doing/growing.

So let’s start with the name the ‘sneaker boys’ (originally the name was sneakers bros as it was the brothers Jamie and Scott who originally came up with the ideas to start this.

But as it sounded too much like another company they had to switch to this. But in my eyes they are the boys now, as two other boys/men have now become involved in the company so it is boys rather than brothers!

So let’s meet the team –

• Jamie –

• Scott – (these two are brothers)

• Kye –

• Darren – (these two are father and son)

(and they are all very good friends) – a very strong, familified unit to create the great team)

The boys – behind the fresh kicks and sneaker boys..

So the background behind – the beginning, the start of what they hope can be a ‘big dream come true…’

Scott and Jamie had discussed what they do they love? and I quote “apart from women and beer, we love trainers so.” – they thought about how they can work with trainers and build a business behind something they love and are passionate about.

They wanted to originally sell lots of accessories that work alongside trainers such as, laces, display boxes and shoe trees. But as there are many accessories and many brand/companies already selling many of these items they decided to change, to branch out a little differently and this is where I think that have something good going on!

They sort your shoes out “good and proper” as we would say.

Make the “fab, gorgeous, like brand new, an amazing condition” they have set up a cleaning side to the business which is the fresh kicks side.

This means you can have your shoes any type, from UGGS to trainers, to slippers to brogues any shows, any size, any gender, any make, any brand they can be done.

Prices will be attached in another post when we release what they exactly do and how much this is.

I shall be doing a post on the before and afters, what they offer, prices, what to expect etc in an additional post in the near future.

I also will be releasing a YouTube video very soon, as this will also be up showing you what they do, their new shop which has just been open three weeks now in Lincoln City. Subscribed to Jays Days on YouTube so you don’t miss this.

Kye and Darren joined the team in November 2017. Discussions had occurred throughout the summer, on how they could join, help, put into and get out of sneaker boys and the go head occurred.

Kye and Darren teamed up with the brothers and they started out by pumping some money into what they had already got and what they knew they needed to get started.

You have to speculate to accumulate.

They set up their first little shop in Boston down Pen Street. And all the boys started to get rather excited and thought yes let’s make a really good go at this.

Each member of the team brings a role to the table. (Some work harder than others.. so they say..) but yes they try to share some roles – but then others have more of a business mind, or a way to talk to customers, or some are better at the more ‘hands on’ job roles and that is great and in my eyes this is what makes a team you all bring something to the table so to start let’s just say I think we have a good team to work with and to start this exciting new venture.

The roles obviously range from, business meetings, working with other business’, money handling, cleaning the shoes, protecting the shoes, ordering and organising accessories, paints, sorting the website and working online, sorting prices and cleaning products, collecting and dropping off, opening and working daily in the shops and also now working with people that are interested in going into a franchise with sneaker boys! (If you are interested in this at all please contact them on one of their social media’s they will be happy to have a chat and explain more.

They have recently opened up a new store in Lincoln. Which is in the city square, Sincil Street the location is ideal from the high street the bus station and train station its so easy to access. You can access in comfort as their shop is situated in a shopping indoor centre which means you can shop in the warmth and comfort. Both shops offer the same services which will be put in another post, but Lincoln is obviously based in a city and easy to get to when travlling afar.

The Lincoln shop is bigger and has more on display but they both work exactly the same, having he same on offer and the same expectations for shoes cleanliness at both stores and this is also what they are expecting and making sure will happen in the new shops to come (lets hope there are more to come – dotted all over the country!?) the standard will be the same whichever shop you visit.

So you maybe reading this interested in getting your shoes clean, your trainers fresh, or maybe your interested in becoming a part of this, maybe in buying franchise of the business. If you are interested in any of the above please text or call – 07951978435 or contact them through Facebook and Instagram they are easy to reach and are happy to chat to anyone and everyone.

I hope this had helped some of you find out more about the Sneaker Boys.. stay tuned for more posts on them, a video on YouTube and a interview with them coming to you very SOON!

Much Love angels J x

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