Little Legs

Hello angels,

I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday, I have actually been a little ill yesterday and feeling better today so keeping busy by blogging..

Thank you for your support on my recent post last night, it seems it has made an impact and I’m so pleased..

I can’t wait for you angels to watch my new YouTube video from tonight it went LIVE at 5pm it’s a funny one!

Also if you guys haven’t seen it already please check out my video from Sunday 5pm. It is a video on Self-Love. And I hope so many of you gain lots from it..

If you did not see my post on Instagram this evening then, please head over to my Instagram and check it out @jaydynerunfit

Or see below…

🤷‍♀️✨🙀- “Oh look she doesn’t have a thigh gap, look at that little definition for a PT, oh look at them squished together EW, oh look how skinny they are there, but look there, they look so bulky” – Wow so many comments, so many judgements, so much for me to think about and analyze, for me to cry over, for me to worry about… Oh wait I don’t care #sorrynotsorry I love myself, I love my legs, my strong, sexy, fit, healthy legs the legs that look great in what I want to wear, the legs that catch my food when squished together so I don’t loose a drop: these legs and thighs have been good to me supported me to walk lots, run far, lift heavy, look great in a dress or jeans or NAKED and I don’t want anyone telling me otherwise cause even if they don’t look great or amazing etc etc.. they are mine and I love me. (I would also like to point out a thigh gap is not because you are skinny it is to do with bone/hip structure/layout which can be different in everyone – just wanted to brush over that).. SO

#loveyourself – Do you take these comments to heart, do you listen to what you read on social media? Do you take it in? People are cruel, they want to affect, they want to hurt, don’t listen, please ignore, you will be so much happier, none of the quotes above define happiness or health.. I know I’m healthy, I know I’m fit and happy. I know my body is powerful and great and I’m lucky and grateful to have legs, and to be able to use them as you should be. Please be YOU, love YOU and your legs and be proud💪🏼💘🤸🏼‍♂️

hope this reaches many of you – stay positive!

Much Love J x

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