Angel Party

Hey angels!

How are we all on this fine Friday! Today’s post is all about last weekend.

So ok you all know I love my blogging and vlogging well I went to meet fellow vloggers and bloggers and meet some of my favourite social media influencers.. wow wow wow let me tell you about my adventure last Saturday!

I have a vlog coming on my YouTube Jay’s Days to so stay tuned for that and subscribe so you don’t miss!

But basically I went all the way to London and met so many gorgeous angels, some my social media idols!

So 11am setting of for London

14:00 – arrive in London

15:00 – arrive at angel party venue (de here grand canaught rooms)

15:10 – enter get VIP wristbands and goodie bags and meet Connor Swift (Elle Darby’s boyfriend)

15:20 – met Emele (emigainstrength)

15:30 – met Elle Darby had a chat and photos

16:00 – met Alex Gould

16:30 – food/sweets time!

16:45 – met Lauren Tickner and James Smith

17:00 – met Meggan Grubb

17:15 – had my face paint and met Katie Darby

17:20 – grabbed some more food danced a little, felt so happy beaming stood with joe taking it in.

17:30 – left the venue

Caught the tube to our car and drove home!

The day above briefly on a time scale.

Saturday was epic amazing, meeting like minded people, chatting about stuff I’m actually interested in and making friends with people I will actually see and visit and do things with.

Meet ups are amazing and I fully recommend them I love them and again can’t wait to do more.

I may even create one myself? What do you think? Would you come?

Inside my goody bag I got a t-shirt, cake, fudge, notepad, fake tan, lashes and discounts for a lot! Super exciting.

I loved meeting Elle and the other girls and I’m so pleased for her reaching 100k subscribers on YouTube how amazing. Hopefully I will get far one day! Fingers crossed.

You will see the day more clearly during my YouTube video to come where I explain more on the day and why I went. But I wanted to do a small run down and share some pictures.

So thank you for reading, enjoy my Vlogs and Happy Friday.

Much Love J x

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