National Holidays… my birthday is what?

Hey angels,

So many of you will have seen it was my birthday yesterday February 7th it was a lovely day. I enjoyed every moment and I’m excited to continue celebrating at the weekend.

February 7th is the 38th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar.

There are 327 days remaining until the end of the year. (ref. – Wikipedia facts)

Events that happen on this day: Super Bowl 50, 2014 Winter Olympics opening ceremony, Super Bowl 50 halftime show, and more!

My weird, odd and strange things that happen nationally on my birthday it is

  1. National girl and women in sport day
  2. National fettuccine Alfredo day
  3. National periodic table day
  4. National send a card to a friend day

Which I thought was so funny and awesome at the same time considering I’m a sport woman/girl and lots of my friends sent me a card of course.

I looked up my national day on the website

Check yours out to and let me know what it falls on I find these days all so funny and weird like who created these!?

Just a little post today, happy Thursday and again thanks for all your support with my blog and my YouTube.

Much Love J x

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