Intolerance Test

Hello angels,

Hope you are all well, today I am coming to you with a personal post anyone with any advice please message me…

So I went for an intolerance test!

So I finally went for an intolerance test, I had put it off for a while but then I went and did it. I will do a YouTube video soon in depth on this and all about the process and what I’m doing now. So you are up to date I will fill you in briefly today.

Who –  so this test was for myself I went alone to Isabel at Boston chiropractic clinic. She was very helpful at her clinic she also does other things alongside allergy tests. The number for the clinic is 01205 311115 if you need help to. You can also find them on facebook..

How – so I went for the allergy test for food intolerances. You have to fill out a form of your personal details and then some of the side affects you suffer from for example bloating/sickness etc. you then also have to send of piece of your hair. So they cut of a little bit at the end of my hair (not a lot) and sent this off for examination and tests also.

When – I went one Thursday after work around 2pm, I then got my results the exact same day and time a week later.

Why – I went for this test as I have been suffering with bloating, pains in my belly, upset toilet trips (TMI), and being gassy after certain foods. So I was intrigued to see what specifically. I had been suffering with this for probably around a year. I know it’s not the most awful case. But it can be uncomfortable.

Results – so my results were; wheat and gluten intolerance – 80, and I’m intolerant to milk- 60, and cheese 60 , coffee and tea – 30 and certain artificial sweeteners – 90 and red wine – 75. (and some other things but these are on such a small scale like tomatoes and mushrooms and egg white – 20/30/55). The main things were like bread, pasta, milk, cheese, yogurt – this I can agree all caused pain in my stomach after I ate so this made so much sense. On the test the higher the number the more intolerant you are to that food.

What – what next? So as the highest ones were gluten, wheat and milk. I am going to try and be wheat, gluten and dairy free for the majority of my diet. And I am also going to try and cut out diet drinks, fizzy pop which I drink all the time, and try and cut this out of my diet. I don’t like milk or cheese anyway, so only yogurt will be hard, I love almond and coconut milk so these will be some of my replacements. I will be trying many of the wheat and gluten free items in the supermarkets and I will let you know how this goes. I have now gone for decaf coffee and tea, wraps instead of bread, and potatoes and rice instead of pasta. I will try not to change much of my diet if I don’t have to. I just need to be careful and read more labels.

Update – I will do another post on what I do for this and (and YouTube video) to update you on my results and progress. Once I get into the swing of this after my birthday of course! Haha! Then I will let you know how it goes.

Do any of you suffer with this? Do you have any help or guidance for me? Do you need to get some help? Please leave some comments below, sharing is caring, help me out.

Much Love J x

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