Fuller for Longer

Hello angels,

todays post is on how to feel fuller for longer..

Many of us have busy lives, hectic jobs, or we need several meals and we can’t snack and graze throughout the day or we want to have meals that keep us full so we are not snacking to help reduce our weight, and help our weight loss plans.

So we need to find meals that are going to help us be fuller for longer. To keep us satisfied throughout our busy days.

So the top foods I recommend you eating to keep full and satisfied are

  1. Vegetables. (carbohydrates)
  2. Rice, potatoes, and pasta (carbohydrates)
  3. Calcium-Rich Cheese. (fats and protein)
  4. Salmon (fats and protein)
  5. Apples (carbohydrates)
  6. Avocados (healthy fats)
  7. Beans, Chickpeas & Lentils. (protein and carbohydrates)
  8. Dark Chocolate (fats)
  9. Eggs (protein and fats)
  10. Water (empty/liquid, no calories)
  11. Greek Yogurt (carbohydrates sometimes protein and fats depending on brand)
  12. Almonds (fats/healthy fats)

I have commented next to each food which is the main macronutrient in each food that is working to keep you full.

So you learn you need a mix of all main macronutrients. (Please don’t be alarmed by the word fat doesn’t make you FAT you need it in your diet it’s essential.. I will do another post on this soon)

Some vary in the way they are released in the body some foods can work in being slow releasing energy which helps keep you full for longer etc but I will do another post on slow releasing energy foods as these two topics cross over.

Hope this helps when it comes to making some snacks and your meals throughout your busy schedule..

happy hump day loves

Much Love J x

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