What do YOU want to see?

Happy Monday angels,

How are we all feeling today?

If I’m honest I’ve had a stressful time this last week with moving into my own house, running my own business, working, having a dog, getting a kitchen!?, helping my grandparents and I realise this is not much and people have so much more going on but my stress levels have been all over.

I was a little ill because of it at the weekend and it made me realise I need to slow down. Stop stressing, think things over and act upon what needs to be done, not make more work for myself. I have a condition which doesn’t help these situations when I get stressed and anxious my condition gets worse. I will talk about this in another post and a YouTube video.

For now, I’m here to ask what do YOU want? What do YOU guys want to see? I am planning on doing a lot more videos on my YouTube channel once my internet clicks in tomorrow! (YAY!) I have so many ideas and things I can’t wait to show and share with you but I want your ideas too I want to know what you want to see, so yes I have lots to put out there, but is it that what you want to see?

Do you want vlog videos, Q and A’s, fitness videos, workout videos, or hauls? Factual videos, fun/game videos? What is it you would like to see? Or would you just prefer my normal blog posts? I know everyone is different and I would like to reach out to so many of you.

So let me know in the comments below… and please share, subscribe and like..

Have a great day angels,

Much Love J x

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