Guess who is back!?

Hello angels,

I have some really exciting news that I am super excited to share, some of you may not agree and make think “oh no she is back” but I’m not just blogging now I am ‘YouTubing’!

Many of you may know I had a YouTube channel about a year and a half ago. But my laptop broke, I haven’t had the money to get a new one so I have had to give it up for a little time. I have kept my blogging up through my phone but now I’m back. I have a new HP laptop thanks to my perfect boyfriend, and now I have my camera, tripod and lights set I’m ready!

So my YouTube;

Who – my YouTube is under my name – Jaydyne Overton or Jay’s Days. I am calling it ‘Jay’s Days’ as Jay is me and it will be mainly Vlogs about my Day! And it rhymes and I always love rhymes or alliteration. It will be me, myself and I, it will be videos from my life, all aspects, not just as a personal trainer or a nutritionist or PA. It will be a big mix of loads of different things, no particular niche along the lines of my blog.

What – expect plenty of videos, no particular structure of time and days when I will upload I may do that in the future right now it’s just about building my YouTube back up and is got a little lost.

When – as I have only just managed to get everything together and set up this week then you can expect a video back within the next two weeks.

Why – I loved YouTubing a few years ago and never wanted to stop it was not my choice to stop so I’m pleased I can now finally get back to it.

How – I will Vlog when I am not at work, and when I am doing exciting things, I will be using a SMASUNG MINI NX camera which is white, and so pretty. White to match my laptop. The camera has a flip screen which helps me when Vlogging I can do a post on this if you are interested in my YouTube equipment.

Any videos suggestions, or any questions for my coming Q and A please leave in the comments below.

My first video on my braces is now up so go check it out!

Thank you and hopefully see you on my channel ‘Jay’s Days’!

Much Love J x

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