2017 Goals? 2018 Goals!

Morning angels,

So todays post is about 2017, which is basically in the past now oh my goodness doesn’t the year just fly by, I remember writing a post this time last year about a new start, fresh beginnings and that is exactly what it is.

But todays post is a reflecting post, how was your 2017?, did you smash goals that you created for yourself? did you complete your bucket list? has this been a bad year, or a good year? what can you do to make the next one better?

Goals – now did you smash goals you wanted to? Did you make new ones? Let’s share..

So in 2017 I set my goals to

  • Run Over 1,000 Miles, ✔️done, now I always have a goal when it comes to running wether it’s more races or more medals each year, but the last few years it’s been about beating that 1,000 mile mark and also beating what I got last year so this year I have achieved 1,090.5 which beats my 1,000 goal but also my next goal below –
  • To beat last years achievement of 1,065.35 Miles, and I smashed it! The years before that I achieved less and have built up, my running, and fitness as it’s always been in my life, I will share another post on that soon.
  • Blog more✔️done, I wanted to blog a lot this year I wanted to do at least one a week and then during December one everything other day and I did it. I love blogging and writing and sharing.
  • Get the buiness above 3/4 clients ✔️ done! I’m now fully booked in my Gymchicks business considering I had only 2 clients at the beginning of the year I’m now fully booked and busy and it’s amazing. Well done to me!
  • Start Weight lifting ✔️ done, I started lifting more heavy weights not just light weights so I’m pretty happy. I enjoy it too and that’s the main thing. Not just lifting a little but heavier weights now.
  • save money 💰 I wanted to start saving money, and sort things for my new place, new house and future, that is all done✔️ and starts in the new year!

So what more have I done which I didn’t think I could?

  • I have started working with body power event, and a just strong clothing brand.
  • I have crept up to 12 clients a week and now fully booked not just a few more clients.
  • Squatted over my body weight!
  • I have planned to move out to my own little house early next year next door to my parents.

My goals for next year.

  • I now want to build upon my blog.
  • I want to work on my YouTube more.
  • I want to do another course in Nutrition or PTing.
  • I want to set up my new gym and new house beautifully.
  • I want to focus on a new fitness goal and smash it.
  • I want to learn to cook several meals for my family.
  • I want to meet fellow fitness bloggers and attend meet ups, maybe create one.
  • I want to work on my musculoskeletal issues and hopefully sort it out.
  • I want to attend church more.
  • I want to focus on self love and ignoring media, and negative people. Putting a 100% into those who I love and care about.
  • I want to provide the best life for my new dog Ella.

These are a few of my goals for 2018 and I can’t wait to start smashing them who is the same?!

Let me know some of your goals in the comments below..

Much Love J x

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