Let’s make goals..

Morning angels, hope your first week of 2018 has been fab! Hope you have tackled your New Years resolutions with a bang. If you haven’t let’s start, let’s begin, I’m putting up this post for those who hate New Years resolutions, for those who always lose there way with their goals, let’s start this Monday coming, the 8th let’s restart our goals.

You don’t have to start a goal on a Monday, or a 1st is the month or the start of the year. Any day, any hour, any time is a good time to start

Now I think many of you are expecting me to come out with the fact you need to make a, fitness and health related goal you most certainly don’t these goals can be around anything. Anything in your life that you want to create, to help accomplish or become better at doing, etc.

Let’s plan – the best way to do this is through making key separate goals for separate situations, then you can have several, clear goals and not get mixed up.

How I like to see it.

• Work goal – this can be anything like, – move up my pay grade, quit a current job, get a new one, take a course in the work like you want to take on.

• Personal goal: again this can be anything like, see all members of the family, making more effort with your partner, being extra polite or smile a lot.

• Fitness goal: so we have made it to that one so this can be anything like lose weight, run for 5 minutes, lift more weights.

Now I see it so much clearer this way, these are only examples and not my goals but I thought examples may help, you may have so many goals but here the three main ones are laid out now, it’s clear in your mind what you need to tackle.

I will do another post in how to achieve your goals in the near future for now think of three new goals, think of the main ones.

Write them down. Tell people about them. And as of Monday let’s start acting on them together. For those that want to; feel free to write them down below in the comments to share and let other people see and help you with your goals.

See you in the next one! Thanks for reading

Much Love J x

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