New Year, New Goals?

So a slightly different approach today.. I want to hear from you guys!! I want to hear the New Years resolutions loud and clear, but I want you to do the unexpected, I want you to make a unexpected, strange, an unusual goal for 2018. I don’t want to hear the “I want to get fit, eat healthy, stop biting my nails” that’s all fab but I want to hear exciting goals like “I want to quit my job and do what I love, I want to climb mount whatever” I want to hear those exciting, unusual goals that everyone dreams of hearing, doing and achieving.

I want you to share and comment below your fantastic and exciting new goals so we can look back next year and see if those goals have been achieved.

So for me my New Years resolution is to mainly focus on me and my own personal goals.. not listen to what others think but to think what I want and act upon it, not to focus on those who don’t really matter and to put 100% into those that really do, I want to complete another course in my personal business and grow this area of my life also, I do feel very happy and content with my goals but I believe you can always push to be better so I shall try.

So please share your goals in the comments below and don’t worry no one is hear to judge, but once you have then written it you can then challenge yourself to stick to it more, as it’s noted on here, so we can help you achieve it, whatever it may be.

Can’t wait to hear them!

Leave them below!!

Much Love angels J x

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