Pamper Time

Morning angels,

So as a Christmas present to myself I have decided to do a Christmas/New Year pamper time and give myself a few treats.. basically a little prep for the festive season – getting ready for Christmas and NYE. So what have I done this year to prep and pamper myself?

I always like to take care of my health and fitness but I thought I never take that much care in my appearance and looking like a actual girl! So it’s time!

We all like to get a pamper every now and then, I don’t do it as often as I would like but I tend to do it around Christmas and my birthday. (my favourite times of year)

So here is a break down on what I did, how I treated myself this year.

So the ways I pamper myself before NYE –

Hair – I do my hair myself at home. I make sure I use a good shampoo and conditioner, then as my hair is a natural yellow/ white blonde so I like to brighten it up so it’s more white like a silver shine to it (sometimes it turns grey and purple which isn’t the aim) but it helps my hair look brighter and healthier when I’m not in the summer sunshine. I use a brighten purple shampoo called brass off, or the silver shampoo, my mother lets me share this, it works so well, you just wash it in like normal shampoo in the shower and I don’t have it on my hair for long at all and the colour lifts. I do this every time I wash my hair which is once a week. Twice at most.

Skin face and body – again I sort my skin out at home, myself. I love to use on my skin an exfoliator, my favourite moisturiser and face masks, days before Christmas I like to use burts bee’s and any peel off face masks from savers. I would sometimes get a tan done and I would do this at home with my sister. And usually use St Moriz Mousse.

Eyebrows – most people get their eyebrows done but as I am not a massive eyebrows fan I leave mine a lone ha ha, I will pluck them a little and fill them in with my eye brow kit, (I like to use eyeshadow as it suits my eyebrow colour better) and I colour them in when I do my makeup but that is all. I have a new kit this NYE, a Barry M kit which I for from ASOS, see picture below.

Lashes – most people get their eye lashes done often but I do not, this is the second time for me, This time i went with a family friend called Ashleigh her business is called L’Ash I know great right! They are stunning, they took about 50 minutes, they are so light, long and I’m in love. They are £25 and a picture is below. This experience was at her house and so relaxing.

Nails – I had my nails done at a salon in Boston called Beauitul Nails in Pen Street I had gel colour acrylic extensions they were £34 these took about 50 minutes also. I love getting my nails done, but this time I’m trying the gel colour to see how much longer it does last and to see if I can tell the difference.

As for make up, I will do a separate post, maybe even a YouTube video going through all my make up I use etc this NYE, let me know if this is something you would like to see.

So this year I have felt like I have had a proper lamer, at the weekend I will be out with friends drinking and celebrating life, hopefully I will feel super, and feel all girly and relaxed too!

Have a great New Year angels and remember treat yourself sometimes!

Much Love J x

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