Fave Sweet Treats

So many of you may have read my post around a year ago on my favourite treats and sweets to have just because I’m a personal trainer, nutritionist, runner, fitness fanatic and now ambassador does not mean I don’t eat or have my treats those who know me well know I eat A LOT and A LOT of goodies – so here we go, well this was going to be my top 10 but it’s more like top 15/20 now as there is too many I love!

Here goes my updated version of my favourite ‘sweet treats’ and what I will be eating over Christmas, so no healthy food tips here sorry!

  1. harbio tangtastics (my favourite sweet ever fizz fizz fizz)(can be found at pretty much anywhere)
  2. pic n mix of all sours ones – like sour dummies. (can be found at wilkinson- candy king) sour watermelon slices are my fave)
  3. choc shot on pretty much anything (love that stuff, make amazing hot cocolate too)
  4. pink and whites, marshmallow and wafer together
  5. Ben and Jerrys ice cream cookie dough flavour, the sandwich versions are amazing too!
  6. Also oppo Ice-Cream salted caramel flavour
  7. Caramca buttons
  8. Chocologic dark chocolate
  9. fluff, marshmallow spread, on toast or on my pink and whites, it an awesome combination (that right and wow its too good)(can be found at ASDA)
  10. nutella, peanut butter, just packets of nuts or those Reeces nut chocolate cupcake thingys! – wow.
  11. Refreshers and squashes all da flavours – these are super addictive!
  12. marshmallow sprinkles ice cream cones mmmmmm! (childhood memories there too!)
  13. Turkish delight – chewy jelly with chocolate why not
  14. Krave cereal or any cereal I adore it
  15. Guilyian seashells – if that is how you spell it. They are amazing a special treat I say!!

I do have my sweets, chocolate and ice cream all in moderation as everyone should. I work hard and play hard. And I enjoy Christmas!

thank you for reading my sweet treats post, i bet some of you are super excited to go out and try some of these or have i just made you feel like you need a sweet treat evening and movie night, thats what i plan to do anyway!

just because I’m a runner and write a fitness and health blog doesn’t mean i miss perfect, i love my treats, adore them in fact its part of a healthy lifestyle and balance, and this happens very often its part of life, life is to be lived and enjoy so don’t cut anything out!

happy treating angels

Much Love J x

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