Drinking Days #Part2

Hello angels, last year around this time I wrote a blog post on drinking alcohol over the festive period.. so here is a reminder and part two with more tips and info to help you.. We all like to drink lots, eat lots and celebrate, and thats the holidays and thats ok!

So my tips and tricks on drinking, things to to do and to tackle the ‘over done it’ feeling from the celebrations or even the average weekend!

  1. on the night you drink, drink a litre of water before you go to sleep and then.. this helps the hangover, And again the next day again.. drink lots of water! – your dehydrated! It helps the headaches.
  2. choose drinks wisely certain drinks contain more of a alcohol percentage higher the percentage, the more drunk you will get and usually the more hungover too.
  3. take paracetamol the next morning or alksalters these help with the groggy headache feel.
  4. eat lots of nutritious food the day you drinks and the following day not McDonalds! You might crave that but your body doesnt want that, it needs vegetables lots of nutrients, vitamins and minerals and lots of carbs!!! So a Sunday roast you ask? yes! your body needs it my friend..
  5. do some exercise, just a little bit, to get the blood flowing and the oxygen in just go for a walk this follows into my next point..
  6. get fresh air, this helps mind and body and again that head with a hangover.
  7. take a multivitamin and detox with a green tea, flush out the alcohol toxins remember it is a poison.
  8. eat lots of nutritious food the next day, your body will crave salt so fix the craving with some nuts and eat whole nutritious foods to keep you full and help get rid of the risk of binging on not so great food.
  9. sleep lots, you won’t sleep properly the night of drinking alcohol it keeps you awake and not in a deep sleep, so the next night get to bed early and sleep lots!
  10. to help prevent a hangover the next day eat a proper full wholesome nutritious meal before you go out full of carbs, protein and fats, this helps a massive amount.
  11. j don’t guzzle or drink your alcohol quick, try to drink from the glass not a straw, with a straw you drunk quicker from the bubbles and can also cause you tummy trouble with the gasses.
  12. choose drinks you know

But most of all enjoy it all!

Weekends are to be enjoyed and so is Christmas and New Year and if you enjoy a drink or 5 have fun and drink safely.

Thanks again for reading and all your support this year, please like share and subscribe it would make me very happy going into 2017. Happy New Year my beautifuls..

Much love J x

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