Make VS No Make Up – Girl Problems…

Hey angels..

Today is a rather female aimed post, I just fancied getting your opinion on make up and what’s everyone’s general opinion and take on it all.

Is make-up taking over? Do I look any different to you? Am I still the same person? Do I look better in one than the other?

I am comfortable in my skin, I love wearing makeup and enjoying doing it for special days out and occasions… every day however I hate it, I hate doing it for work, my skin gets annoyed with wearing it all the time, and it’s just can’t be bothered to do it it’s a pain to do it and remove it on a work day. Especially with my PT job.

I just wanted to make a post on the fact that women are beautiful with or without make up. Instagram is too full off done up, photoshoped women now a days.. this is not real. And we shouldn’t be all made to feel like we should look like this every day, all day long.

Several reasons to wear make up

– Makes you feel more confident. (some people feel this)

– Covers up blemishes you hate. (we all want to conceal them blemishes)

– You enjoy doing your own make up. (creating art I say!)

– Wearing make up for your own self esteem not wearing it to impress others. (no one is or should be judging, wear it because you want to.)

Several reason to not wear make up

– Feel confidence in your own bare skin. (blemishes and all)

– People can see your true beauty – you are all beautiful.

– Skin can breathe without be blocked with make-up. (can help clear your skin up)

– Save money (lots of)

– Save make up for the weekend and special occasions and feel extra sassy and beautiful.

– certain occasions are unsuitable for wearing make-up

Who else feels the pressure of wearing make up all the time? Leave comments below on how you cope what you do to help the other girls out there, I know it can cause anxiety and stress in some people, and we need to know we as girls are all in this together #girlpower #bareface or #makeupface either way are beautiful!

Much Love J x

3 thoughts on “Make VS No Make Up – Girl Problems…

  1. I don’t like wearing make up for work…..but always wear it for a night out!!! Wouldn’t feel like I was going out if I didn’t put my eyes on …..

    I think young girls are totally under pressure to look a certain manufactured way these days…..I will always prefer an individual look…..xxxxxx

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