Typical Sunday 

Sunday Funday. I totally agree it’s such a relaxing, special day of the week.

So what do I do on a typical Sunday? Today I will spend the day with my family and my dog, watching movies, eating a roast and in the SNOW as yes guys it’s December and it’s snowing YAY.

I believe Sunday’s are for being surrounded by those you love most, family friends? Doing things you love the most? Eating drinking, sunbathing, snuggling…

Anything that makes you happy to be alive. You should do this on a Sunday embrace and enjoy it.

My typical Sundays are busy, I like to get all my things ready for the week ahead I..

  1. Get all my jobs done in the AM. Train in the am ready to relax or take a rest day.
  2. Make some good food like a roast dinner, well my mummy makes it or we go out to eat, I do the eating!!
  3. I love to be with family and close friends catching up on the week, life and how they are.
  4. I like to try and make the house clean and tidy then cosy for a cosy Sunday evening.
  5. I get washed and put Pjs or spend the day in them.
  6. Pick and watch films or a series on replay.
  7. Get sweets and chocolate and good food for the series and television time.
  8. Depending on weather spend the day in the garden or go for a walk or stay inside and nap!
  9. Drink tea, read books, nap, and smile.
  10. Spend time with my baby princess Ella.

What do you like to do?

Let me know what you like to do on your Snoozy Sunday’s. Happy Sunday angels and enjoy next week.

Much Love J x

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