@JustStrong Ambassador

Happy Hump Day, happy Wednesday angels.. some of you may have seen my blog post announcement last night so let’s clear this up, the post went like this..

✌🏻💋💪🏼- oh hey SWIPE and read! ➡️✔️🔴⚫️ #Announcement – Evening angels🤗 just a quick announcement from me today, I will do a blog post on this explaining it all, but I am very excited to say I’m now working with @bejuststrong @justtrongclothing are a clothing brand who create clothes and training gear for strong females. Now if you know me you know I’m all about women empowerment and buying clothes (of any kind but especially fitness wear)💓 I am going to be so honest with you all, on my new business ventures to come as there is more, but I can promise you I will be genuine and honest about my views and opinions on the clothing and things to come as no one likes a liar.🎉 As for this I’m so happy to be working with #juststrong #juststrongclothing I am happy to say I am now an #ambassador for them and I like so many of their products, this jumper I am wearing in the post above is probably my favourite at the moment but there are so many to choose from and so many #sassy slogans which again if you know me, suit me so well… you can buy your own now, AND you can also get discount % off your order if you use my discount code – JOVERTON10

Go check them out, remember Christmas is coming, treat yourself, or treat your girl to a sassy slogan T, I know I will be! 🔥✌🏻💪🏼😍

This is all me and all true. Any questions leave in thecomments below..

Basically angels, today is a little bit of a different post, it’s all about me. I’m not doing this to be big headed and be full of myself.. im doing this to explain what I do, how I work and how I am involved in the fitness industry.

Basically over this year I have achieved a lot with my PT business, becoming a nutritionist, my own personal training and working with companies and other bloggers too!

Right in not saying I’m the next big thing in the industry, far from it, I’m not saying I know it all, I need to learn a lot more, but I am saying it is my passion, my love and I want to help and encourage all those around me and many online to love it and enjoy it the same.

Fitness and health is with us all day every day and most of us hate it, dread it, and I want to encourage others to love it and enjoy it too. It’s always been a part of my life majorly cause of my parents it doesn’t need to be that way for everyone one but staying all round happy and healthy is super important, it doesn’t need to be everyone’s life, everyone’s passion but to enjoy it and think more about the bodies we have, would change so much for the better.

I am a qualified personal trainer, I qualified am a nutritionist, I am currently looking into my next course, I am a runner, I am part of a running club, (NVH), I lift weights to build my frame and train myself, I suffer with a skeleton condition which annoys me each day, I am a health and fitness blogger and have been involved in fitness bloggers meet ups and blog shares, and I am now an ambassador for JUST STRONG clothing, which is a brand of clothing for strong women (i am all about women empowerment)!

I have a few more announcements this Christmas to come which I am super excited about and I just hope I get the support of my family and friends and followed too.

So my code for @juststrong – JOVERTON10

Support me, my blog, my new ventures and stayed tuned for more. Thank you angels..

Much Love J x

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