Preparing for Christmas..

Morning angels..

It’s the 4th of December this means we can officially get Christmassy!!

I’m thinking of doing a blog post every other day rather than once a week this month? Would you enjoy that?

So today – Yay, Christmas songs can begin, we can pop the decs up and hopefully you have already started your Christmas shopping!!

This post is all about being prepared, being ready for Christmas, one of my favourite things to do is be organised, and being organised for Christmas, makes me so very excited yet very anxious and I can imagine I’m not the only one.

So what do we need?

When do we need it?

How can I stay on top of this?

How can I be ready and relaxed?

Money – Now money wise I always start in October time putting money away, I keep money aside in an extra savings pot ready for Christmas so my November or December wage packet is hud=gely dented. Some people start so early in the year preparing and I don’t blame them, I think for me it’s the moment I am in my life there is not too much to think about but im guessing once I have my own house and children eveyrthig will get much more tricky.

Presents – now it’s the first and you may not belive me but I am done! My chirtsmas shopping is dibe except one present which I need to pick up. I get cracking early. I like to be prepared I make a list of who im buying for I srat looking early online and in store, at ideas and what I like, I then write by their name on my to do list what I would like to get them than most of the time I do wait till offers arise or it falls to black fridya and cyber Monday. Then I have a good spending spree, this year black Friday was 24th of November and pay day was the 23rd so it was very good! I was ready for a big spending spree!! I manage to get sorted and get some extra discount through my lovely sister! As for prrsents other than family close friends and children and any one you really want to get gifts for I would advise you put out for a Secret Santa so you are not getting presents for everyone in the workplace this can be hard and expensive if youhave secret santa you can focus on one present and one time, and one sum of money.

Christmas cards? – I have always done chritsmad cards, I have loved writing christams cards with my glitter pens and giing them out. I think it comes from being a child at primary school. But this year I have decdied against it for many reason being, cost, to buy paper to give to someone else when they probably don’t want the card either, time to write when it can be used for other jobs, work and organising stuff. Waste of paper saving the planet. So much easier to write a status or send a message online actually on Christmas now so why wastetime with cards when its quicker, and much asier you can then get back to enjoying and organising Christmas well. My status this year – Happy 1st of December angels – just to let all my friends and family know, I do love you & I do wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year but I won’t be doing Christmas cards this year, I feel it’s a waste of time, money and paper; instead I will be donating some money to a charity close to our hearts instead 🎅🏼🎄✨💃🏼😍💕🎉 #CountdownBegins

Wrapping – plan when you wil do this.. one evening, put it in the diary and make a date, grab your partner or friend to help you, it will go quicker, buy a big roll, ont run out this is your nightmare  stock up on several metre rolls, amd cellotape and start you little worshop one evening, sit down and get them done, grab a drink, put some chritsmas music on and bash them out. Job done.

Decorations – plan when you wil do this again.. one evening or evening, grab family to help, pull every thing out and wack it up, then tidy it up after and make every neat and tidy and in the right place. put it in the diary and make a date, usually the 1st of December. One day or evening just crack on with it, get it done, grab a drink, put some chritsmas music on and bash it all out.again Job done.

Food and the Christmas dinner – plan when you wil do this, what time you will eat and where, set the table the day before, prepare the kitchen the night before, as for food shopping I recommend doing it online and booking in early like this week before all the slots are gone. Get the food a few days before freeze lots and get enough. Christmas Eve day time prep begins, grab family to help to, pull every thing out and wack it up, place in pans and pots ready and just cover them over till morning, write out and plan your timings this way you don’t have to think you just follow your ready guideline. Have dedicated people in the family to help prepare dish and then tidy aware. Fair is fair. Sharing is caring.

Family arrangements – plan this months ahead. Where you going for the main dinner? Who is cooking? Share out jobs? Share out duties? Make sure you see all family members over the holiday period. Family time is so special. We never realise until later how special.

Advent Calendars – I sent a reminder for the middle of November on my app to remind me to get one or any for my family. The countdown is important haha.

Using an app – I use the green icon app called ‘Alarmed’ it’s an awesome app which helps remind me of things I need to do, I can then tick them off as I go. They can remind you on a specific time and you can add any extra notes to it if need be! Try it out it could help you this December.

Making a table – excel? If you see one of the pictures below you shall see an extreme case of OCD haha just one way of staying on track if you really are stressed is make a dedicated book, excel sheet or to do list for Christmas and stay on top of Christmas and your anxiety this year. Hope this helps you angels.

And remember have a great Christmas and New Year please leave any post requests in the comments below..

Much Love J x

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