GymChick Closures

Hello angels, so this one is mainly for my clients, so they know what’s going on with GYMCHICKS and BODYMOVES.

Some of you may have seen on the Facebook page or on the event that we are closed over the Christmas period.

With moving house, and obviously moving gym, with it also being Christmas and people cancelling anyway I thought it would be best to close for those two weeks anyway. It gives us all a chance to rest up, re-gain motivation and sort lots of things out!

If any of my clients would like some home workouts created personally for you to take and do at home, then I am more than happy to create these for a small fee.

I am happy to text and message you over this period also to help with any training, nutrition, or motivation.

I will be sharing lots on the Facebook page to get us ready for the new year so keep an eye out!

A good idea for my clients to do or any of my followers for the new year would be to write down two goals you would like to aim for in January and 2018 and bring this back on your first session and plan to act upon it in 2018



Most of all please enjoy your Christmas and new year, eat lots, get merry and don’t worry about your fitness and nutrition goals, memories and family are far more important! This year, a Monday actually falls on the 1st of January, this means we can attack a new week, a new year and new goals and smash them all at the same time!

The full date of closures – closed from –

Monday 18th of December to Monday the 1st of January.

If this date changes due to any of my moving complications, I shall let you all know.

Any questions please text me on 07565850175.

Thank you. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, From Jaydyne and GYMCHICKS.

Much Love J x

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