Vegetarian, how do I keep my protein levels up?

Hello angels..

So some of my clients have been asking this question for a while now: so time to do a post.

Many of us are or either come across someone who is vegetarian or vegan these days..

If you are not vegan or vegetarian or pescatarian I do suggest keeping lots of meat in your diet. It’s full off many nutrients – including high in protein.

So this post is aimed at vegetarians or those thinking of becoming a vegetarian, I will be doing another post soon on vegans as this is more in depth and some of the vegetarian options are not suitable for vegans.

So it seems vegetarians are worried they are not getting enough protein, or need ideas on how to get their protein levels up so here are my suggestions.

  • Quinoa – is edible seeds.
  • Buckwheat – is grain-like seeds
  • Cheese 🧀
  • Soy Protein: (firm tofu), (tempeh), (natto)
  • Quorn – meat substitute
  • Rice 🍚
  • Ezekiel Bread 🍞
  • Veggies: yes lots of vegetables are full of protein such as broccoli, cauliflower sprouts and spinach 🥒
  • Hemp
  • Milk – especially soy or almond milk 🍼
  • Nut Butter/ peanut butter 🥜
  • Tofu as mentioned before.
  • Lentils
  • Beans – full of protein and fibre
  • Edamame
  • Nuts 🥜 and Seeds.
  • Eggs 🍳
  • Certain yogurts – some high protein low sugar yogurts are amazing at getting the protein in
  • And of course protein shakes and bars 🍫

I suggest researching these options, shopping around I know the big shopping markets like TESCO and Asda will be able to supply and help with these mentioned above.

Hope this helps a few of you and some of my clients much love angels and happy Friday!

Much Love J x

3 thoughts on “Vegetarian, how do I keep my protein levels up?

  1. Peanut we are talking😍 I love this post and the fact you included the picture at the gets to the point and will help so many people with their foos intake❤ can you do more foodie posts please:)

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